Saturday 04.13.19 – Competitor

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A. 3 Giant Sets:*
3 Weighted Dips
3 Strict Dips
Max Kipping Dips

B. 3 Giant Sets:*
3 Weighted Pull-ups
3 Strict Pull-ups
Max Kipping Pull-ups

C. 4 sets:**
8 Push Press @ 60-65%

D. 3 Sets:
6 TRX 3 Way Shoulder Series*** (each)

* Complete the weighted dips with a dumbbell between your legs. After your 3 weighted dips drop the weight without coming off the rings and continue with the strict dips. Then without coming off the rings do a max set of kipping dips. That is set one.
You choose the weight. Rest as needed between sets.
** Pick one weight and perform across all sets. Focus on your cycling tech. For this movement.
***See video below. You can also use rings.

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