Wednesday 04.17.19 – Competitor

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A. Push Press

B. 3 Sets
10 Strict HSPU*
Rest 3:00
If you cannot do strict HSPU, use the version that the video shows towards the end. Also raise up the height of your feet to 24-30in box – whichever height is more comfortable. Make sure your torso is vertical and your toes are on the box instead of knees.

C. 3 Sets
8-10 Strict Pull-ups
60s Rest
12 High Hang Muscle Snatch (45/35#)
Rest 2m

D. 3 Sets
12 Clean Grip Shrugs @ 65-70%

E. E2MOM for 8m
200m Sprint
8 Strict Pull-ups
15 Push Press (135/95#)

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